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We assume that you used the following footprints to search for us that’s why you are here. At CyberGrace, we require articles to be at least 800 words. We only make exceptions for a shorter word count if you have an exceptional topic. Either way, please make the article as engaging and informative as you can.

We prefer articles that provide valuable information to our audience and that help them in their Cyber Security and Compliance efforts. An important complement to that is providing a platform for our audience, the folks who live breathe the challenges related to choosing technology solutions for an organization. You probably already have several great column ideas rattling around in your head. Right now they’re justpassionate thoughtsorwell-marinated pet peeves. Turn those ideas into columns that will help other tech decision makers and write for MyTechDecisions.

We also accommodated topics highlighting the latest tech trends. So, by submitting your guest post to SecureBlitz, your article is automatically on one of the top cybersecurity blogs in the world. Topics we write and accept guest posts about Technology News, Latest Trends, Blockchain, Cybersecurity, Cryptocurrency, AI, IoT, Smart Gadgets, etc.. A day in the life of a cybersecurity writer can be busy. They may be working on several projects at once and need to be able to juggle multiple deadlines.

Mass extension please help me as soon as it is possible…. Personal opinions, stories, and experience are always more valuable to us than general information compiled from online sources. Also, and obviously, your content cannot infringe on any copyright laws. If you think you have something valuable to contribute to our blog, we welcome your ideas.

As a cybersecurity writer, you need to be up-to-date on the latest news and trends in order to provide your readers with the most accurate information. You must also be able to write in a clear, concise manner that is easy for readers to understand. Platformprovides information related to security, including home security, cyber security, corporate security, and other security services. Our blogs related to security give information to many professionals and the general public.

We dream to see every single website on the Internet securely encrypted, and we’re proud to contribute our bit to this grand vision. Do-follow links in the content should not possess spam score more than 1% to 3%. Easy to read, and easy to write, it’s worth including a bullet-pointed list of recommendations in every article.


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We will also discuss common control objectives that can… Use images that will really helpful for the readers to understand the article. That should be at the end of post (Author Bio, that provides a back link to your blog . The article has to follow the ZEVENET document template that will be provided including corporate colors, iconography, and fonts.

Use bold highlights in case of long articles which overlook the paragraph look. Your Article should have a minimum of 3 internal links. Once your article is accepted for publication, our in-house art department will design article layout. Photographs, other creative, all images and text must be sent as separate files. Use headings and subheadings that may include phrases or questions.