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They don’t know everything, and are occupied enough to get into diverse tech details of different fields and often don’t have hands-on experience like industry thought leaders. We believe that, if the blog earns profits for its owner guest bloggers must be compensated. When this blog began earning money in 2010 Carol began paying for guest posts. Building a relationship with the website owner can help you land some high-quality guest posts on his site if he accepts your offer.

If you are the one who love to think and contribute, then you are at the right spot. But do remember you must have good skills and content writing strategies too. However if you are beginner then our suggestion is to seek some thoughts from forbes or wikipedia too. There are various blogging ideas through that you can enhance your writing skills. Don’t be disrupted or worried if in beginning you can’t find any place or blogging platform to submit your content or article.

This site is intended to provide inspiring, cliché-free content about technologies, leaders and companies doing good in the world. Articles on this site are intended to be informative, truthful, inspirational and approachable. By ‘approachable’ we mean that some of the issues we face on this planet are, well, planetary in scale, and as such they can seem insurmountable. Carol Tice started Make a Living Writing to assist writers earn money writing by finding more lucrative gigs and also to help freelancers learn how to advance and make more money. Best content writing practices must be followed, as appropriate length of paragraph, proper title and headers, good content with no discriminatory or defamatory content. We think that technology can address the world’s major challenges, and we are a part of it.


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A tree will be planted for every confirmed newsletter sign-up, common-sense limits apply to protect from abuse. We only accept original content that has a genuine alignment with the UN SDGs, that is not a blatant advert. If you intend to include a link to your website in the article please include it here. Please choose one or more of the UN SDGs which are applicable to your content. We will manually review all entries and get in contact with authors of submissions that we wish to proceed with.

However, we are going to set the bar high and will only say yes to incredible writers with credible and authoritative knowledge in the respective field. Please use the form below to send us a synopsis of the article you intend to write and why you want to be published on this site. If your submission is successful, we will be in touch to discuss the full article. We only accept original content that has a genuine alignment to the UN SDGs. So please don’t feel offended if a guest post collaboration is not pushing through for any reasons, but we will always target quality over quantity. This process is like what happens when you hire a writer or freelance writer to write content for you.

In case you know more blogs matching that category, please email me those. As the non stable algorithm of Google, the best and effective way of exposure and link building is guest posting. Did anyone have fashion or shopping related blogs for guest posting.

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