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For example, TV, games, comedy, and even travel. They like to focus on independent artists and go a little deeper into the industry. While there are no staff writers assigned to the weekend Book Review, it’s no easy feat to land this gig with the New York Times. A casting service for entertainment professionals, Backstage has over 100,000 members and has been a resource for performing artists for over half a century. Every blog post should be 100% original content and should not be reproduced anywhere else on the web, including your own blog.

We are looking for writers who can offer original and quality articles of at least 500 words. TheReviewGeek is an inclusive company and our team includes talented writers from all backgrounds across the globe. We do, however, have a strict policy against political writing and will reject any pitches looking to politicize the site to lean on either side of the spectrum. We’re an entertainment site, not a political platform. Any type of public performance, amusement, or distraction. We are still very much looking for music to feature BUT we are also looking for entertainment in every other form— performance art like aerialists, dance, theatre, spoken word, etc.

However, with the fast pace of consumers devouring content, there’s always a need for more. If you want to get paid to write, now is a great time to pitch niche pubs and markets in entertainment. You must understand that we do not pay for any guest posting if you decide to write for us.

Their entertainment section covers TV, movies, books, music, food and drinks, and more. Writers can submit us a 2-4 line biography, up to two connections to their blog’s social media profiles, and one link back to the blog in exchange for credit for the post. Working as a writer for us will give you access to a much larger audience than you would have had otherwise, and your brand will receive a lot of attention. We have a dedicated readership of mothers, which provides us with an excellent target group.


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Your opinions on the topics you choose to address are eagerly anticipated by our readers. Please continue reading to learn more about writing opportunities with us and to submit your story pitch. Books, comics, conventions, games, movies, music, news, reviews, tech, trailers, TV. Have an awesomely geeky idea that doesn’t fit into any of these?

Our website features diverse guest posts as well as current lifestyle information. Each site owner has the opportunity to increase attendance and attract new customers. To do this, you need to write your article on entertainment and add a guest link to it. After that, you need to select web resources for submission. It is much easier to work through an automated service, such as LinksManagement. There are many entertainment guest posting sites in the service catalog, where you can place a unique article or order an anchor on your site.

All submitted content must belong to you, be original, and not be published elsewhere in any form. If there is a TIME CONSTRAINT to your article, please let us know so that the editors can process the article and publish it at the correct time. Quoting someone and anyone – Unless they have spoken directly to Hollywood Insider in an ON THE RECORD interview or conversation – make sure you always link out to the source. If you want cite something that Oprah said in an interview with Vogue – then you must CLEARLY STATE that Oprah said something in an interview with Vogue and provide a link to that original source. If the interview was conducted by Hollywood Insider then it must be CLEARLY STATED that it is original reporting.

If you share this enthusiasm and want to get your voice heard, now’s your chance. Things am learning as I grow older is an informative, entertainment and a reference website. We are talking about cultural identity, changes in direction, or movements happening within an art form. Guidance on how to pitch them with real examples from writers they published.