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Email your article in a word document (.doc, .docx) with your author bio to Articles are published within 48 hours. We are looking for experts and enthusiasts in IT to write for us. If you are going to write an article topic, make sure you know your audience. The objective of the article should be clear to our readers – which is the support professionals using our resources who engage in conversations every day. Welcome writers to contribute rich and high-quality guest articles on MageComp.

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Just like you would introduce yourself as a guest at a gathering or any function, introduce yourself as a blogger or professional specific industry writer online. At SEO Cares we focus on high-quality content that offers strong value and solutions to issues for our readers. Our readers depending on us to welcome only the best of the best. We will provide you the keyword or topic to write. If you are interested then go to contact us and send an a pitching email to us. Think of points of view or ideas that haven’t been noticed yet (or haven’t been covered extensively) on other blogs.

At BluCactus Nigeria we love having relevant content as well as establishing positive bonds with our collaborators. For that reason, when you send us an article that complies with all the requirements to be published, you may add one link per every 500-word section . You cannot add links within the first 3 paragraphs.

Apart from this, your author photo will be shown below the article and it will be promoted on your social media pages. Contributing your article to our blog would definitely help you in getting a lot of exposure and SEO value as well. Yes, we know the importance of Do-follow links in SEO. We do give a Do-follow link to some of our contributors only in certain conditions.

The theory is not enough but it’ll be great if you go with a practical approach for your topic or ideas. We think it would be great if you could give suggestions about showing our readers how to implement an idea in real life. Don’t use any irrelevant or misleading promotional links.

This is a great way to get started, as you can easily find websites that are accepting guest posts by using this method. You can also find blogs and other websites that are looking for contributors. When it comes to guest posting, we have a few topics that we will not allow. These include CBD, gambling, adult content, and crypto casinos. We want to maintain a high level of quality on our site, and these topics don’t fit with our standards. We understand that there are other great sites out there that may be a better fit for these types of posts, and we encourage you to submit your content there.

If you have a blog post or article that you would like to share, please let us know. We would be happy to feature it on our website. We’ll shoot you an email to let you know whether or not your guest blog post has been accepted for VOCSO. The articles’ intention must motivate people, so the content should be enticing, pleasant, and engaging.

Any of these formats must follow the guidelines given below. ETI accepts guest posts with good information about SEO and Digital Marketing Social Media, Google Ads. Ensure that you have the full rights to publish whatever you submit. We normally check all articles submitted to us for plagiarism. Provide up to 3 links of your most successful blog posts that is similar to what we are looking for and accepting, per the above guidelines. Your article or blog post should have information, meta title, and description.