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Get in touch today, pitch for us and a member of our marketing team will respond to you as soon as possible. We follow stringent policies to ensure the content published on our website is free of plagiarism. Please make sure that you do not copy content from other sources. At Consultease.com we bring together the original resources, expert consultants, tools and passive lead generation opportunities to grow your business in digital space. Quality blogs can help you drive traffic to your website or online store. Quality blogging can help you network with other bloggers and thought leaders in your industry.

If you are an expert in any of these areas and would like to contribute a guest post to our website, please submit your topic ideas To write for us, we will only consider proposals from freelance writers, professional authors, startup companies, or individual writers. If you are interested in contributing as a writer and becoming part of it, then do please contact us. You can send any of the writings to us, we would go through it and respond you back as time permits. We are looking forward for the unique and valuable content with experience and knowledge. We are a growing site with an engaged readership, and we offer authors a great platform to share their ideas and expertise with new readers.

A guest article on our site is entirely free of charge; there will be no financial compensation. Your backlink will help you get exposure to an audience that we have worked hard to cultivate over the years when you write an article on our site. However, guest writers must realize that this does not include any financial transactions of any kind. Is a great opportunity to submit your guest post related to finance.

Maximum 1 external link is allowed in the article body/author section. You are requested not to send the same query/questions again and again. You need to wait for our response before you resend your query about ‘Write for Us’. Also, do not use this service as spam for marketing purposes. As we are getting a large number of email inquiries regarding ‘write for us’ it could be a delay in responding to your query.

Ever since, it’s been our mission to interpret somewhat complicated economic aspects in a simpler yet still insightful way for our readers. And if you, a freelance journalist, think you can add more value to our burgeoning website, we just might have something in store. Before you even write your guest article on finance, you need to make sure that you understand what your topic is going to be about. You should know whether or not it will relate to money, assets, liabilities and any other related topics. To make this easier, you can draw inspiration from previous topics that you are already familiar with.

A range of finance and investment categories from which you can choose one and send us your article. To make sure your article gets published please send an article relevant to the below topics only. We prefer using visuals and infographics if necessary to convey the content’s message. Use them in the articles to provide transparent information.

To find guest posting sites, you can use a search engine or you can go to websites that allow you to sign up for free and then you can register as a writer. Once you have signed up, you can then create your profile where you can let people know what your qualifications are and where you would like to write. If you would like to write articles instead of guest posts, you can do that as well. There are a variety of different topics that you could write about or you can choose to write about one particular sector of finance. We receive many ideas from potential guest writers on a variety of topics that our viewers are interested in on a daily basis. All submissions are thoroughly reviewed to ensure the quality of the content before they are published.


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If the submitted article is accepted or rejected, we will notify the source. We assume content to be relevant and of good quality, and adheres to our editorial rules. In that scenario, our editorial team will do a final review to see if any adjustments are required. Look for crucial issues before producing or delivering an article for writing for us. The article’s subject matter must be financial or related to our categories. The content must be of high quality and unique, and it must not have previously been published online.

Well, it’s easy to find a good one that has remarkable metrics. I’m not sure who started this trend of insincere flattery in guest post pitches; however, it’s a huge pet peeve of mine, which I complain about publically often. So if you hit me with a gushing love note, and then I go on social media and find out we’re not even BFF’s I’m going to be sad and also promptly delete your email.

If your article is about a strategy, please include specifics on how our readers can implement that strategy. After submitting your articles and query about “Write for Us”, please allow us some time. We are happy to link your personal blog or website and social media links in the byline and author bio. Try to keep your bio to just two to three sentences not more than that. A writer should be able to present, explain, and transmit complicated topics in an understandable way to the reader.