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One day a year, students offered food to a passerby or a guest. This act was considered a sacrifice equivalent to one’s social and religious duty to another. The ancient texts suggest introversion as the best method for spiritual development, including Yagyas . Therefore, the student spent time in reflection and isolation from the external world to look entirely within himself to attain self-knowledge and self-realisation.

This entire website focuses on the study material, and we aim to provide free of cost all study notes on this website. We will give earning opportunity to student in future through sharing the well written hand written notes. It helps to those student, they cannot afford books. Must not contain topics that have already been covered in our blogpost. Please have a look at our blog post section before submitting an article. With rise in lot of problems in the Indian Education System, we need a proper solution that will be effective.

We are continuously working on providing the best insights to educators, parents and every educational stakeholder through our STEM e-journals for Kids and educational Blog posts. We are therefore searching for teachers, directors, instructors, school chiefs, therapists, specialists, instructive advisors, and PhD students. We also red carpet experts with new thoughts, interesting remarks, and practical advice. Without the guidance of a teacher, no student can get the sweet taste of success.


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Like all children, they need quality education to develop their skills and realize their full potential. Yet, children with disabilities are often overlooked in policymaking, limiting their access to education and learning. We only accept quality guest blog posts in the English language. Generally, the essay topics on education system revolve around analysing a specific education system, its strengths and weaknesses as well as suggesting the solutions for its improvement. You can also take notes from our exclusive blog on the New Education Policy formulated by India with a unique approach to academics. Are you constantly looking for a platform to publish your valuable content?

For out-of-school children, foundational skills in literacy and numeracy are further from grasp. The five-year foundational stage of education, as per the NEP, comprises three years of preschool followed by two years of primary classes. This stage will involve age-appropriate play or activity-based methods and the development of language skills. The basis of learning wasn’t only to read books and memorise information, but the well-rounded, holistic development of a child. This included their mental, cognitive, physical and spiritual wellness.

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