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Most people value their pets and animals, so if you work in the pet industry in any capacity, you are dealing with thousands of potential clients. Take advantage of this opportunity to meet new people, expand your knowledge and gain confidence in the blogging world by connecting with other bloggers. We have compiled a list of websites to submit your guest posts to help you get started. For any write for our article, you must fulfil the expectation of the readers.

Any article that you send us should be based on quality research. The minimum word count for an article must be above 700 words. If you’ve contacted us but haven’t received a reply in 14 days, check your spam folder. If you can’t find a response there this means that your article wasn’t accepted this time. We may not respond to your submission if the guidelines above are not followed.

You’ll have the best chance of breaking into this pub if you start off by pitching a shorter feature idea for the Animal Passages, Tail End, or Warm & Fuzzy columns. Articles should focus on physical, spiritual, or emotional holistic pet wellbeing. Check out these 19 friendly markets that pay freelancers to write about pets. $225 billion, and many pet care businesses and publications need freelancers who can write about pets. Infographics, unique listicles, DIY pet ideas will fall under this kind of submissions.

The content should not have been previously published. To check the plagiarism, we use a plagiarism checker. Life With Pets is accepting guest posts from expert writers on pet-related topics. Animalscomparison.com is animals and pet-related community website, where we compare animals, you can now share your story with us through guest posting. In this blog, we will have a look at the best pet blogs that accept guest posts.