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We publish articles that will be relevant to future as well as present readers. Before submitting anything for consideration, be sure you are familiar with ourpolitical approach. The time we spend on formatting and promoting means that we will only publish articles on topics we have not covered, and our audiences will benefit from. That is, the MUST be valuable and actionable for our audience of business owners and HR managers who are keen to improve their culture and leadership. As a high traffic blog posting quality articles every week, we are regularly asked if we will accept guest articles. The guest postings will provide authors with additional opportunities.

Guest posts that are dependable, objective, and interesting are consistently provided to readers by the website. Now, writers and contributors from all around the world can submit guest posts to Culture related posts. The site encourages authors to provide unique content that is both interesting and well-researched. However, before writing, authors are asked to review all pertinent information and specifics on available guest posting possibilities.

Once received, the TalentCulture editorial team will review your pitch and if accepted, you will be asked to send a full draft. You may be asked to make edits or support your statements, and while substantial changes are subject to author approval, we reserve the right to make small edits for SEO purposes. Cover photos are always welcome and many come from photographers other than our staff or from published stories in a particular issue. Cover photo submissions must be of exceptional quality. Look at a cover and note vertical layout and title and accompanying position. Note too that the top third, or the left third of the photo will be displayed on the newsstand.

All promotions must cite TalentCulture as its original source and provide a link to the post atTalentCulture.com. Simultaneous submission to another Journal, if published before, at the same time, or after our publication will forfeit all rights, and payment unless otherwise agreed upon. If other publications seek to reprint articles first published in Bee Culture, we will refer all requests to the author.


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Is it true that you plan to post your article on a renowned website with a huge traffic base? Do you have any experience posting guest posts on other websites? While you have been searching for a famous portal, you will find our rationalinsurgent.com. Your background — what makes you the right person to cover this? You can include links to previously published work, if helpful, though prior bylines are not a requirement for us to consider your work for publication.

Consequently, when you collaborate with us and become a team member, you will considerably enhance your ability to write and understand guest posts. Culture guest post allows writer and expert from this field to share their knowledge and ideas with the global reader. As readers from different niches visit the Hastebc portal, culture writers can expect a diverse readership audience for their posts. Our contributors include unpublished writers, frontline activists, academics, campaigners and experienced journalists. Articles published in the print edition are proactively commissioned according to issue themes, and written specifically with the magazine in mind.

Write for us on topics such as History, Religion, Culture, Mythology, Philosophy, Educational, Travel, Yoga, Martial Arts, Witchcraft, Incense and similar topics. We prefer you include a royalty-free image, but if one is not provided, we reserve the right to add one ourselves. If you add image, please send us proof that they are royalty-free. If you are unsure about whether a topic is relevant to our website, please ask us before writing it.

For more, here’s our “how to pitch prose” guide, written by one of our editors. Please read the following guidelines before submission, and if you have any questions, email us We’d be looking for passionate DJs that, at the very least, have played out in a professional capacity at a number of different venues. In addition to your experience as a working DJ , you could also be a music producer, a musician, a writer/journalist, or a mixture of all of the above. Our loyal audience is a diverse, global mix of HR and recruiting practitioners, business leaders, analysts, marketers, and entrepreneurs.