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This means that your article should be well researched and provide valuable information to our readers. For example, if your post is on dog training, then you should be a certified dog trainer. If the topic of your article is dog food, then you should be a professional vet. CreaturesCorner.com is actively seeking credible contributors to contribute to our site content.

There are specific guidelines to follow while writing intriguing guest posts for our website. We reserve the right to reject the content if these guidelines are not followed. So, follow these guidelines to ensure that your content is not rejected.


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The amount you can expect to earn to write about pets will depend on a variety of factors, including your background and experience as well as how much you write. Even veterinary students get tired of sifting through textbooks! PetPlace’s content should be accessible to all readers from the first-time pet owner to the seasoned expert. If you’re a pet professional, pet blogger, or just a pet lover, PetPlace may be interested in sharing your thoughts, insights, recommendations, and reflections with our readers. Ideal articles would be around 800 words and focus on tips and advice related to owning a pet. We prefer long and informative content, which is 2,000-2,500 words.

We are dedicated to offering our readers a wide range of quality information fun stories on animals of all shapes and sizes. If you are an experienced writer or just an animal lover who wants to contribute, simply complete the application below, and we will be in touch shortly. We welcome quality guest authors from experts who fit our content style. All content shared is intended to help our community of readers.

Do you feel like you are a cat expert or is there a particular thing about cats you have great experience with? Just fill out the form below –with a work sample – if you’re a blogger this could just be your website address, and we will get back to you in 1-2 weeks. However, we do publish really good, comprehensive articles written by experts.