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For publication, send us true and informative success stories about your company. The basic goal of the “The Business Goals” is to help the business community in achieving their business goals and objectives by providing the authentic and latest business tips, ideas, news, and trends. The Business Goals will help entrepreneurs, startups, and people who want to make money online or make money from home by adopting legitimate ways. We also want to connect with business gurus, mentors, and practitioners for helping the new business founders, and young entrepreneurs by providing them with authentic business researched articles. We provide new and fresh best business ideas that make money every day in our comprehensive posts. We have articles on classic and emergent theories and industry best practices, research issues and results, besides giving views on the hottest current topics.

In general, it’s better to limit the number of links to under2. Subheadings, bullet points, and shorter paragraphs make the article more readable. Check out the knowledge base collected and distilled by experienced professionals. The article should be readable, so avoid big chunks of text, use headlines and bullet points. The voice employed by BizWitty is friendly, yet professional. Our content is educational, entertaining, easy-to-follow and straightforward.

An article must be well-written — grammatically and stylistically. The page is a little lengthy, and the standards are stringent, but we believe it is vital to limit spam submissions. We reserve the right to change the article’s title or content. Please keep in mind that we will not pay you for your articles. We are active on social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

Spelling and grammar should be checked before submitting to us. The article must be informative, inspiring or uplifting. Business interest, in particular, focused on running small businesses. If we do not accept your post we will let you know by replying to your email. They are well-educated, executives, and highly paid professionals.

If we contact you within one month and accept your pitch, you can start working on the article. After you send us the draft, our technical team and an editors from the marketing department will review the piece. If it requires only slight changes, we’ll send you feedback within another two weeks. However, if the content is not written according to our rules, we reserve the right to reject it or ask you for substantial revisions. If you’re ready to send us your idea, please fill out this form. If we like it, we’ll get in touch within one month.


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Editors have the right to reject submissions and make minor changes to your article at their discretion. We have the right to remove any commercial links from your article. In your story, do not advertise any service or product. Please take the time to review this whole page as it describes the criteria, the submission procedure, and the types of content we accept in detail. We work with world-class payment providers to boost innovation in finance. When using technical vocabulary, always provide explanations, keeping in mind who your target audience is.

We will not republish content anything that has already been published elsewhere else. Don’t try to use our blog as space for advertisement. Tech industry trends and predictions – opinion articles on how the technology shapes our lives. If you have outstanding writing skills and would like to share your expertise with our demanding audience, we want to hear from you. We have teamed up with 11 industry experts to demystify the process and break it down into 7 easy-to-follow chapters.