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Completing the 3DS Max and Vray Advanced Course has given me the powerful, industry standard tools needed to create architectural and interior visualisations. Using these professional programs I am able to create high quality visuals for practical applications. Demonstrating my ability and commitment to pursuing a career in this field, I have undertaken important and relevant courses to further develop my skills and build my portfolio. ‘This includes a professional course at The Interior Design School, gaining a firm grounding in the design process, interior elements and drawing techniques. ‘I have also developed my visual vocabulary required to present work to clients.

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We do not accept content with even 5% of plagiarism. Our goal is to promote fresh and up-to-date content that actually adds value to the readers. Around late 2008 the blog finally started to really improve. I began to develop a loose set of blog rules in my head. This is the first time I’ve attempted to write them out.


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