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If you want to become a guest blogging rockstar, start using Semrush. It is not only useful for finding ultimate topic ideas for your guest posts but also can be used for analyzing other websites where you want to publish your guest posts. Determine if the websites on your list accept guest posts. Start with the obvious places such as the “About us”, “Contact us” or “Write For Us” pages. Review the guest posting guidelines, if they have any.

So they are always open to discussions, you’ll get benefits if you connect with them regularly. In the case of approval, AvaCare Medical reserves the right to make edits to the post in order to provide our readers with a high quality, relevant read. Please note that we do not include external links in our blog posts. I was also looking for a list of guest posting websites regarding health and thank god, i found this list. Doctortoyou is a leading portal in the Medical and Health category. If so then this blog is providing you with the platform where you can write for us in our health blog.

Hello, This is leo daniel Ravichandran, thank you a lot for providing individuals with a very spectacular possibility to read critical reviews from this site. Thanks for sharing a great post and really helpful for a lot of my friends including me who want to write over different niches. Kuldeep, I can’t believe painstakingly devoted your time to compile this amazing list. I really thank you for this because I am a health writer.

You can also take advantage of free tools that can automate your campaigns and greatly simplify and speed up activities for receiving backlinks if this is a priority for you. Each blog post topic you want to be approved needs a separate form. If you write more than one topic here, your blog post request will be denied. We don’t review lists of options, provide you with ideas, etc. Read our blog and use your own intuition as to what kind of topics are interesting to us.

But nowadays, the maximum time is used to embed backlinks. Submit a guest post health based on how many articles you want to submit. For example, if the blog only accepts guest posts once a week, you should not submit more than two articles per week. Also, the quality of your articles on health accepting guest posts should be worthy of being published. Do you have a unique perspective or important advice to give on topics of mental health, wellness, and recovery? Is currently accepting queries and pitches for guest blog posts.


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So why should someone write blog posts for others instead of publishing on their own sites? The #1 reason is due to SEO benefits as guest blogging on other sites allows you to attract quality and relevant links to your site. If you’re looking to outsource your blog content writing part or want to try to publish different opinions from different authors, you should definitely accept guest posts from others. Whether you are looking for the best guest posting sites in India or elsewhere, you need to write them well. While writing your guest posts, make sure to use the following smart writing tips and you’ll have higher chances to get your guest posts accepted almost on any website.

Article title – Your guest post idea must be relevant to any of the blog categories above. Please contact the email address listed above if you wish to know if your topic is appropriate for our blog. As readers scroll through our blog, make sure your title piques their curiosity.

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I have already outreached many of them for the content marketing of Best Water Purifier. As this falls under a health category so these are relevant sources for this topic. Unique content – Please only submit new posts that haven’t already been published on other websites or outlets. If you wish to repost it on your website afterwards, then you’ll need to wait twelve weeks before doing so and link it back to our original post so Google doesn’t think it’s duplicate content. There are several methods for determining if a website is appropriate for guest blogging. A portion of our internal procedure for evaluating guest post offers is being shared.

We are always happy to accept guest post submissions written with a similar focus. All submissions are reviewed by our editorial team to ensure that each post fills our requirements. Another major reason for utilizing the guest blogging technique is the quality of traffic it brings. At Adsy, we ensure that your business will gain up to 80% referral traffic boost using placing blog posts about your health blog on other relevant websites. If we explain a guest post simply,it is an article that is shared to get posted on someone else’s blog page. Writing anything and posting it on our blog is known as a “post,” but in the case of other’s blogs, it is known as guest posts.