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That will save you from wasting your time if you are not the right fit for us . Also, down below, we explained how to send us your content and how to know if we accepted your article. Failure to follow this guide will mean your content will not even reach us. Link trade article types written by wedding vendors or other types of businesses. We only accept non-commercial focused articles purely for the benefit of our readers and not to sell things to them.

When you simply post photos, your client might not feel that you are fully invested in their personal story. Well-written, informative, and captivating wedding content. Articles should be written with a high-energy, fun spirit, be down-to-earth in tone, and professional.

This will make your article appear on our blog faster. You must ensure that your article is relevant to the categories we have listed. We don’t accept irrelevant topics on our blog.

Are they feeling settled in and looking for ways to advance the quality of their relationship? Once you have a sense of how your reader is feeling, adjust the tone to match their emotional state. Our audience is looking for credible content in the form of advice on relationship issues, guidance, and awareness. We are looking for contributors with wisdom, experience, and expertise to offer “ACTIONABLE” ADVICE. The goal of’s content is to provide support for our readers, in whatever they’re interested in or struggling with.

We LVE to receive fresh, new, top-notch content that can help to fill our content schedule. At ShaadiSaga, we believe that ideas and inspirations are to be shared. While we leave no stone unturned to bring to you the best of the wedding ideas and inspirations, we would love to have you contribute to the cause.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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Any number of internal links of We Cards can be added. Have a fully-drafted piece you’d like us to take a look at? We’d be more than happy to review your content and share our thoughts with you. Write your content using the “second person point of view,” using “you” to write directly to our audience. These details help set the stage for the wedding day they ultimately chose to have. Today, let’s talk specifically about 5 things I encourage wedding pros to write about when they feature a wedding on their website.

You should submit a detailed description of your work, aims, and objectives. These details can be inclusive of any creative ideas or DIY details.

How did you find your perfect dress, and how on earth did you narrow down your wedding guests? Whatever your story, send us details and we’ll consider it for the blog. The articles must be plagiarism-free and well-researched. The wedding arrangement has evolved over the years. Things that were trendy a decade ago aren’t trendy anymore. So, you need to stay updated with the industry so that our readers get to know about the latest trends and fashion related to the wedding.