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However, including the original link to your HRhelpboard article within a newly developed article is permitted. The new article may be published on any other site you wish. All articles submitted are subject to our review and can be rejected for any reason. We only consider unique content; all content must be produced exclusively for HRhelpboard which has not been published elsewhere before.

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Please submit SEO-optimized content including title tag, meta description, key words, back links to HR Cloud content, alt-image descriptions for images, and more. If you have questions on how to improve SEO optimization, please contact the HR Cloud blog editor at Please include links to your previously published articles in your email pitch. All guest posts must be unique content written for The HR Outlook exclusively.

Use the search bar and discover what’s already there. Payroll From year-end reporting to employee paystubs, check out these payroll tips and tricks. Talent Find out how to attract and retain your employees through their entire lifecycle. Benefits From open enrollment to building a benefits package, we’ve got you covered.

They’re looking for the latest HR news, insight, ideas, how-tos, etc. to help them become better at their jobs. Grab a copy or even a couple of issues of the magazine. Find out if your story idea is one that will be relevant, timely, and a good fit for the publication. Choose a topic that is not present on our website.

We prefer experts with a social media presence when possible. An HR digital and print magazine, published monthly, with a global reach, including tech, culture, leadership, talent worldwide, innovation, and the future or work. HR Future, digitally published monthly with articles, advice, opinions, and best HR practices from global HR thought leaders, and subject matter experts. Once the article is successfully published, we will share it on our social media channels. You can’t re-publish the article unless you are sharing it on your social media channels for greater outreach.

We have a large selection of products & services designed to address the needs of Vendors & Agencies. Please note that we will not respond to your inquiry at the editor’s mailbox mentioned above. Fill out the form below to get in contact with us and let us know what you are interested in writing for us. Feel free to list some post ideas for us to look over if you are not sure. We reserve the right to format the submitted article to match the rest of the Renew HR posts.

Once you have triple checked it meets our guidelines and are ready to proceed, please submit a link to either a Google Document or an attached Word file. If you don’t hear back from us within two weeks, feel free to publish your guest post elsewhere. We are building a business community and platform with the best business leaders and voices, we want your voice to be heard too. We believe that business wisdom can come from an intern in the marketing team just as much as it can come from the head of a seasoned CEO with decades of experience under their belt.