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And you should include links to additional resources if and when necessary. The true power of this tactic is you’re establishing a relationship by being helpful and demonstrating value upfront. While they may offer to pay you for your work like Jay did, I don’t recommend trying to sell it to them. Then write a tutorial on how to use their product to achieve a desired result.


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But unfortunately, many freelancers skip the whole “prove you actually know how to write” thing. We can’t wait to open up Scripted to writers of every language, but unfortunately Scripted is English language only at this time. Scripted partners with Stripe to get money in your bank account quickly. You can usually expect payments to reach your account within three to five days after your client accepts the project, depending on yourWriter Tier. When you pitch an idea on Scripted, you get to set a price that you believe is fair to the client and your experience. Clients can even send you an additional tip to reward you for excellent work.

This blogs seeks experts who have knowledge on how to build a profitable small business and how to hack your way through headaches and failures. Affiliaise is looking for bloggers with expertise on monetizing through affiliate marketing. They want useful advice on this topic, as well as stories on business and technology.

If you have an amazing food story of national interest submit it to this widely recognized blog. They have a food section that highlights local restaurants, as well as travel and shopping sections. Atlas Obscura’s popular food vertical seeks weird and wondrous stories that revolve about food.

This queer and transgender lifestyle magazine focuses on everything from beauty to entertainment and politics. They want pitches (click here to see examples of successful pitches!) from the demographic they represent and are especially keen to hear from POCs. Your personalized RSS Feed is below, copy the address to your RSS reader. We never said it was easy, but the writing life certainly is a rewarding one. A platform that’s still in its beta phase, Working In Content aims to connect organizations with passionate content professionals.

Promote the article wherever your target clients hang out. Or, simply promote it to your targets using Facebook Ads. A case study describing how you helped a client achieve a certain result with your content marketing. To filter for top-level roles, use keywords like “Content Marketing Strategist”, “Content Marketing Manager”, “Content Marketing Specialist”, “Head of Content Marketing”, etc.

A platform like Writers Access is good if you have expert knowledge in specific areas like healthcare, the law, security, and so on. Constant Content is one of the largest and most established marketplaces for ready-made content. Offers are not sorted according to the area of expertise, though there is a keyword search. Upwork charges a small fee depending on your account type. This starts at 20% for the first $500 billed and drops to 5% for lifetime billing once you exceed $10,000. In order to avoid confusion, disappointment, and frustration down the road, here are some guidelines for your articles.

Job categories are blogging, content writing jobs, copywriting, and journalism. And types of work include contract, freelance, full-time, part-time, internship, and temporary. One of the best places to find ideal clients is in the portfolios of successful freelance writers in your niche.

Scripted is THE place for writers who wish to prove their mettle. If you’re a beginner, you’ll gain the confidence to score clients of your wildest dreams. If you’re a veteran, Scripted expands your clientele with quality projects. Clients can look forward to working with some of the most diligent and dedicated writers on this planet.