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How The Us Election Unfolded: An Agonizing Night That Put Trump On Prime Us Elections 2016

But if you’re saying the affidavit is actually consistent together with her testimony at present, and that was submitted on November eighth, that’s great. The ballot book is completely off, completely off. If we will permit more questions to come from the members, we’d appreciate that, sir. So with that, please, Melissa, we’d like to hear your story. And please, when you’re prepared, proceed. No I perceive, and I assume she had a really useful story to tell and she was very courageous coming right here.

But from here on, if we are in a position to condense these testimonies. If we can allow extra questions to return from the members. All right, please come up when you’re ready. And if possible, if we can restrict this to 10 minutes, I’d appreciate that.

And that oral report, my fast math confirmed that 71% of the counting boards, and we’ve got to be careful as a outcome of in the primary we were speaking precincts. Now, we’re talking counting boards, which it’s a special math method. But 71% of these county boards have been unexplained with out … Excuse me, have been unbalanced without clarification. I don’t have that information to be able to know to tell you the method to repair that, but getting corrected info thirteen days after the election isn’t the greatest way to go about it.

It’s not true that there have been 39. And we might appreciate the facts being straight. … the sincere from the dishonest vote is saving the franchise as a end result of every dishonest vote deprives an honest particular person of their vote. If you’ve a question about the election, ask it.

Taken to its logical conclusion, it might present a authorized foundation for any state legislature to throw out an election end result it dislikes and appoint its most well-liked electors as a substitute. In no much less than 15 extra states, Republicans have superior new legal guidelines to shift authority over elections from governors and career officials in the executive branch to the legislature. Under the Orwellian banner of “election integrity,” much more have rewritten laws to make it harder for Democrats to vote.

What form of voting may be manipulated and where can you carry out fraud the most? And it’s mail in ballots and we were stupid sufficient to go to mail in ballots. You are the final arbiter of how honest or not your election is in your state and it’s your duty to stand as much as that. And all I can let you know is we allow them to get away with this, I don’t know what occurs after this.

That that is your plenary, that means absolute, power. So if you have 103 ballots which would possibly be issued, individuals cast. If you may have three people who spoil their ballot, they make a mistake and so they take it.

And those ballots getting duplicated without an oversight, and all of this fraud that was taking place, it was heartbreaking, so that’s why I decided to place myself here. I got skilled by MIGOP and likewise by the election integrity fund, however school applicants increase since dotcom bubble then I received my credentials from the MIGOP. So on the 3rd of November, I was representing MIGOP on the floor. And all I was doing that day was simply stand behind the tabulators. I even have an IT staffing firm, so IT is my specialty.