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Make sure your article has a compelling title that will easily attract the attention of readers. The post has not been published anywhere else online. If the content piece is not up to the guidelines, we reserve the right to reject your blog. We reserve the copyrights once the article is posted on our blog – The Elegant Homes. Guest post topics must be fresh which has been not discussed on our blog so far. The articles should be easily readable and divided into sections with subheadings.

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We are on the search for creative content writers that have a genuine interest in home decor, interior design, and home renovation. Guest blogging is one of the best ways to boost SEO on your website. The quantity and quality of links determine your rankings and provide you with more natural backlinks that represent the high quality of your brand. All articles & blog posts must contain a minimum of 900+ words.

Do a research and know the already published topics in the website you approach for guest blogging and try to avoid similar topics with that. Because that may take your blog top rejection as nobody likes to read repeated content. Whether a paid or a free home improvement guest posting site, it will always give preference to blogs with new home improvement ideas, trending techniques and unique content. So when you present the ideas try to create your own words and focus on the most original ideas. Are you looking for a reputable website to post home renovation articles?

Posting articles on our website is beneficial for all bloggers because the can reach vast customers. 4) Once the article goes live, we will send an acknowledgment e-mail with backlinks. 3) After acceptance e-mail, we will take about 7 days to optimize and find the right time for publishing your post. While emailing us include “Write For Us” in your subject. Heading must be eye-catching and specific to the niche.

We will only evaluate content that is completely original, original, relevant, and well-written. If you have already published this article elsewhere, there is no use in sending it to us because we use Copyscape and Google to review articles before we publish them. There are a lot of various sites that accepts guest post and most of them has been built in selling guest post. But, we strongly believe in quality content that can help user to solve their query. To whom who wish to write for us under home improvement or design.

You may tell your own story, assist others, improve lives, and reach a large audience by writing for ThehomeImproving. Any post with too much promotional content – remember we’re informing our users, not marketing to them. Only one high-authority, natural link to your company’s website is allowed in the body of the article. The article should have a minimum of 800 words and a maximum of 3,000 words, and include high-quality, license free images. Your article shouldn’t have any grammatical errors and it needs to be at least 700 words long.

Uplifting home decor ideas for your home can come in the form of shabby chic, French provincial, vintage and country decor. We love WordPress and we are here to provide you with professional looking WordPress themes so that you can take your website one step ahead. We focus on simplicity, elegant design and clean code. If for any reason your content is rejected, do not lose hope. You can always reapply with a new blog that is more in-tune with our requirements. If you are having difficulty figuring out a topic to write about, here are a few examples of the types of subject matter that we are looking for.

No content about Casino, Betting, Adult Or Drugs is allowed on our home decor and improvements website. Your article should be 100% unique and it has to pass Copyscape. Below are the guidelines and processes to be followed while being with us. VettedPainters.com exclusive online publishing rights for your post. You retain the ownership, authorship, and copyright of your post.