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We have a policy of not including dofollow links or any other links within the body of an article unless it is to peer-reviewed, evidence-based research to support what the article is saying. We also welcome personal experience stories from parents, teachers and adults who have experience of supporting a young person with their mental and emotional health. YR Media is “a national network of young journalists and artists who create multimedia content for this generation.” They welcome story submissions from contributors of all skill levels. They want stories that are produced by/for a young audience and that include people/places that are not always covered by traditional news sources.


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But we’re not too fixated on this; on certain occasions, we’ll publish ‘long reads’ such as the one by Dr Christopher Bagley (It’s the Era of Psychiatric Diagnosis – We Need to Change the Questions We’re Asking). We’re looking for something similar to the one written by Professor Victoria Tischler (Feeling Anxious or Depressed? Go to an Art Exhibition). It’s both informative and research-based, but is written in a conversational and engaging style.

Get paid to write by pitching article ideas on health and wellness. Contact publisher John Banks-Morgan by email. #5 Guest writers are expected to write in plain English with appropriate grammar and spelling. I also encourage guest bloggers to include relatable experiences and personality in their articles.

They want strong, entertaining, and compelling articles that will hold the reader’s attention. They publish feature length articles as well as shorter pieces. Inspire the Mind is a mental health blog. They discuss the effects of mental health on the brain and the body. Their blogs are usually around 1,200 words. According to a now deleted Tweet by one of their editors, they pay £85 for 700 words.

Here are sixteen online publications that pay for writing on the topic of mental health. Some by researchers; some by those with personal experience of mental health conditions; and some by our correspondents. Below is a list of mental health/ psychology blogs that pay per article, as well as details about rates, article length, eligibility, and how to submit. This week, guest writer Gladys Torres shares her second guest blog for Calmer, this time exploring both the symbolic and practical ways in which rain supports a more intentional, meditative existence.

Its readers are senior executives across the medical and insurance industries. Get paid to write for Healthcare Innovation by pitching feature-story ideas and case studies. You can reach out to editor-in-chief Mark Hagland at The posts submitted to us should be original and should be relevant to fitness and health topics in ways that they can educate the readers and make awareness of their current lifestyles.

Use your journal to make sure you follow these guidelines daily. But have you ever felt years beyond your chronological age due to stress? Facing chronic worries can cause you to experience significant cognitive declines.

This will allow me to give other writers an opportunity to contribute high-quality work related to health, wellness, mental health, nutrition, weight loss, or any other health-related topic. I publish all my blogs on social media, so you will have an opportunity to promote your work to more readers and brands. I offer free guest posting because I want to encourage other writers to spread the word on health and wellness. We cannot accept articles which are advertorials or which are written in order to sell a product or service.

There are many benefits to writing health and wellness guest posts for us. By doing so, you can share your valuable knowledge and expertise with our readers, help them improve their lives, and build your own credibility and visibility in the process. In the health niche, we do our very best to create exceptional content for our readers. This means that we are constantly seeking new writers who can offer a unique perspective on their work.