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They rely entirely on freelancers and publish articles about integrative health, green living, organic food, personal growth, and more. This will also help to build your website relationship with other bloggers and readers who is visiting your blog for their query. They are very much interested in health and wellness article pitches too.

To avoid cliches you must study their NAJA HCN bingo board. You can write on various topics like reportage and news analysis, features, essays, perspectives, and op-eds, reviews, and more. Pay and submission email varies according to the chosen topic. Writing about health topics that empower an audience is what the Health Journal looks for from writes.


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While it’s a huge and competitive niche for those starting a blog and those looking to make money from a website, the health niche is great for those looking to write about health. There are so many opportunities, you can specialize in health and make a nice living without writing about anything else. I can send you the topics if you provide me opportunity to write for your blog or if any topics in your let me suggests.

So, don’t hesitate to read the following pointers if you desire to support someone with your knowledge of health. Are you continuing to search for the health-based write-for-us opportunity? Kindly read this article deeply to understand the matter.

Health Paid + “Write For Us” opportunity gives you a huge chance to work with us. So, please refer to the above pointers to check whether you suit the role. Therefore, we wish that you will avail this benefit to work in our leading and warm environment.

I also love to travel, enjoy baseball and watch Notre Dame football every year. Make sure to check out my blogging guide by clicking “Start Your Blog Here” at the top of the page. If you want to contribute to this magazine, you will need to follow their guidelines. Diabetes Self-Management seeks articles about diabetes on how-to subjects and within the self-help category. Please add in your list as health related guest post. A Person who loves to write blogs about health issues or about health.

This is because our editorial team will be unable to publish your submission without losing the trust of our readers. To guarantee that you don’t experience any rejection from our end, it’s important to know about and adhere to the writing guidelines we’ve provided above. Book Browse is seeking freelance writers who review adult fiction, non-fiction, and some young adult books. If you are an avid reader and writer, here is your chance to showcase your talent. You can submit your story by filling up the form available on their website. Before pitching to High Country Magazine, ensure that you are a strong writer with a unique idea or perspective.

If you prepare any health-related article, kindly ensure to display its essence and aim to the audience correctly. Health Paid + “Write For Us” post, then divide long paragraphs into short sections to make it interesting to read. You may include this article in your portfolio of written material, but PTProgress owns the rights of publishing once compensation is made for the article.