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Modern Hiker is actively looking for new contributing writers across the West. Join our growing team of outdoor enthusiasts and help us keep people informed on the trail and inspired to become the next generation of outdoor stewards. All BACKPACKER assignments are made in writing, and require a signed contract with you, the freelance author, in order to be valid. The contract will specify payment amount, payment terms, and rights purchased. In general, we pay on acceptance and buy all rights.

If your content meets our requirements and is published, it will gain ever-increasing exposure as the popularity of our site grows over time. The latest gear, trips, stories, and more, beamed to your inbox every week. For medical, nutrition, and technical advice, direct quotes from accepted professionals or experts. Contact me, Leslie, at caminoadventures – Please let me know exactly what you are looking for in the first emaill to save us both time. We will link to your site or blog but it must be relevant – no exact match anchors.

Send us the email address used to set up this account. This will ensure that we can display your image in your post’s author profile. In 2017 with the goal of inspiring individuals everywhere to embrace hiking and discover the beautiful world that surrounds us.

It would be great to include images to illustrate your story. We would require at least six good quality images for your story. But please include your own images, photography or videography that you have rights to use or that are available under creative commons license. Be sure to include image credits and links . Do not include images to which you have not secured the rights.

Rates vary depending upon the complexity and demands of the article, as well as the proven experience of the writer. Please send your guest post pitches to with the subject line ‘guest post pitch’. Give a brief overview of your proposed article, including a title and a synopsis in a couple of sentences. Any keyword research that backs up your proposal will be an advantage. Authors can link back to their own personal blog posts.

Basically, any site not already covered on National Park Obsessed or a national park. Please put “One Day National Park Obsessed” in the Subject Line. Check to see if your site has been covered.