Contributor Guidelines

We are a not for profit organization so our commissioning budget is small. Payments discussion is done with each writer after a pitch has been approved for commissioning. Once the article is published, the writer shall receive a notification with detailed instructions on how to submit an invoice. Payments are made within the first 10 days at the beginning of the new month for all articles published on the previous month.

Check The Masthead to pitch the appropriate editor. Like writing about the latest news from the White House? Or have an inside scoop, opinion, or point of view about New York politics? If you can write for a “sophisticated readership of metropolitan professionals,” pitch an idea to Contributors Editor Kelsey Smith.

If you don’t pitch them, that answer is a big fat no for sure. THE Harper’s Magazine, one of the oldest cultural and literary magazines, has an online edition — you’ll still have to send your queries by snail mail. Please don’t send them completed articles, just queries to start the ball rolling.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

Contact Details

Email: [email protected]

We do though read every submission, and we will write back within 48 hours if we think we can provide a potential platform for your article. is always keen to offer a platform for new voices and we welcome thought provoking article pitches from our readers, regardless of their viewpoint. Please only submit articles that have not been published elsewhere. While the weekly forecaster is future oriented, the backgrounder concerns itself mostly with the past.

The Internet is full of articles so you must make yours worth the reader’s time and attention. We look to publish articles that go deep, make an original argument or explore under-reported angles. We like pieces that find ways to shine a new light on familiar topics or that take a news story but go further by asking who, what, where and why. Do you like to write about political and civic matters? In collaboration with other talented writers and editors from across the country, you can write articles on an array of subjects.

As you can imagine, we do receive a large number of potential submissions, and unfortunately we are restricted in the volumes of pieces that we can publish. Articles are typically selected based on our judgment of the relative interest that the article will generate with our audience, and an assessment of the writing style. If you’re submitting something on spec, say so in the email subject line, attach your full story as a Word document and still include a pitch that meets the above guidelines. We do not guarantee that we will read the on spec story, so the pitch has to catch our eye first. Please include only your most important titles and affiliations and country of residence.

However, do not be deterred – we will still assess any future ideas you might have on their own merits if you wish to pitch again. Because of the very large volume of submissions we receive, we will contact you only if we feel able to accept your piece. If you do not hear from us within three business days, please feel free to submit your article to other publications. Red Pepper is rooted in national and international movements for radical social and environmental change.

Good news, new freelance political writers, Truthout blog works with experienced and beginning freelance writers. Read their submission guidelines carefully and read their blog before pitching. Just one look at their blog categories tells you they’re strongly focused on social justice. Truthout will even consider previously published stories that fit their mission. When pitching this pub, make sure to bring up money before you agree to write for them .