Business Insider Published My Story in Less Than a Week Heres How

Publish one to two articles per week on Medium of 800 words or more, with proper images, decent grammar, and nice spacing between paragraphs. A piece of writing that has been validated by a big enough audience size. Since I started writing five years ago, I had always wanted to publish something on their website. It wasn’t about something as shallow as followers but had everything to do with people who perhaps may not normally bump into the back of my touring bus circus show. Did you apply to this job at the employer’s site? If so, please click “Applied for Job” to save it to your “Application History” page.

If you have ever read Stephen King’s On Writing, then you know that an editor’s reply is a fabulous sign, even if it’s a rejection. When my inbox clah-changed with an email from BI editors, I almost spilled my coffee. The article has been syndicated to over ten other media outlets since then. This is where my best, most exclusive and most valuable content gets published.

I didn’t look at the keys, stare, or ponder — I punched the keys as hard as I could so I could wake up my neighbors. They emailed me, asked if they could publish it, I said yes, and then they published it two days later. It took one email to make all of this happen. Not once did I pitch, sell myself, or paint a dream that wasn’t real to them. Full-time Copy Editor’s responsibilities include editing copy for style, sense, spelling, punctuation, and grammar.

Send in the final draft of your completed piece to Be sure to include links to other pieces of content you have published, a brief bio and a headline with your content. One are where Business Insider differs from many websites is in terms of word count. I, and many other marketers, will tell you that any blog post under 1,000 words is probably too short to be valuable.

My articles for Entrepreneur magazine are sometimes syndicated to Business Insider, and articles on Medium are sometimes syndicated as well. A first-person feature can be paid or unpaid and zeroes in more on a personal experience. When an outlet actively wants writers to pitch, they often put together a “how to write for us” page. That’s the case for Business Insider as well; their write for us page is here. I’ve written and had articles syndicated to Business Insider several times. In this post I’ll show you everything you need to know to get started.

You find your voice, what you value, and a perspective on the world that is uniquely yours and that you will stand by and be able to explain when asked. You write those words on your keyboard without having any goal of ever being published in a major publication. Once you have all of this down, you can send it all in an email to their submissions hotline, which is contributors

Some are short and sweet, some slightly longer. Perhaps you’ll notice some trends, perhaps you’ll get some ideas about how you can pitch yourself to become a contributor. If you pitch yourself and succeed, you can come back here and tell us your own story in the comments. Freelance role writing content for buying guides. Research various products and topics and prepare quality content. Must have strong writing skills and have published pieces.

I can’t give you topic ideas – I’d be saving them for myself anyways – but I can guide you in the right direction. All of those FAQ points up above are a good place to start. Within your industry, find something you have a unique perspective on, that ties in with current events but is not itself a piece of news. It’s going to take a few tries to get right, so don’t stress too much over it; your first few attempts are likely to be rejected. Make it easy on your editor and attach both a high-quality headshot and your media bio.


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Opinion pieces are more about perspective, and at larger media outlets you’l be expected to back up your arguments with citations and statistics. An op-ed – short for opinion editorial – focuses on commentary about current events. It is an opinion piece, and for an outlet to back you, you need to already have a high profile. Top editors give you the stories you want — delivered right to your inbox each weekday.

I landed features on Business Insider, Forbes, and Entrepreneur and I wrote and published a blog post every single day for 6 months on mypersonal site. After months of writing, a friend who wrote for The Huffington Post reached out to me and connected me to an editor and I got signed up as a contributor. Research and report on personal finance and wealth-building issues. Help readers with product and services for their investing needs. Must have 2 years of related experience including creative skills.